Sunday, August 19, 2012

What restaurant serves the best Mexican food in Orlando? (Yes, Tex-Mex included)

¿cuál es el mejor restaurante mexicano en Orlando?

We'll soon find out my south-of-the-border-loving amigos.

In this Eating Orlando poll, we're looking for the best Mexican (or Tex-Mex) in Orlando. Yes, I know there's a big difference, but with 8 restaurants in contention, you're sure to find a favorite no matter how you lean when it comes to cuisine Mexicano.

To vote, just visit the sidebar and select your favorite. The poll closes September 15th, with the winner announced soon after. As always, I'll tell you my pick and review the winning restaurant to see if I agree or if readers can change my mind.

What is the best Mexican restaurant in Orlando and Central Florida?

La Hacienda de San Angel (Inside the Mexico pavilion at Epcot)
Azteca d'Oro (UCF area)
Maria Bonita (Orlando)
Cocina 214 (Winter Park)
Agave Azul (Orlando - Restaurant Row)
Paco's (Winter Park)
Nacho Mama's (Orlando - Colonial Dr.)
Garibaldi Mexican (Orlando)

Buena suerte a todos los restaurantes.

Note: The nominees in this poll were selected by Eating Orlando Twitter and Facebook followers.


Rhonda White said...

Paco's is excellent but why isn't PR's (Winter Park) on the list?

Eating Orlando said...

PR's wasn't nominated by followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Orlando Villas said...

Paco's! Every time!

Porncito said...

This contest is for Tex-Mex and Amerimex. I'd be willing that nobody that votes for these places has ever been to an authentic Mexican restaurant before.

Tortilleria La Mexicana in Sanford, Mi Mexico Meat Market II near Edgewater, and Tortillaria Mi Mexico on OBT are three of the best places in Orlando.

Then again, none of these places have Wi-Fi and you might have to mingle with some actual members of La Raza, so I guess that rules out consideration from Chad and Ashley White-Bread and the rest of the cabacho's in this town.

Kam said...

Also forgotten is Tacquitos Jalisco in Winter Garden, but then thats REAL mexican food as well...