Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eating Orlando's Pick for Best Fish and Chips in Orlando

A while back, readers made their pick for the best fish and chips in Orlando. I just realized that I never told you my favorite. Well, ladies and gentleman, my choice for the best fish and chips in all of Central Florida is Fish and Chips Restaurant in Altamonte Springs.

Fish and Chips Restaurant (yes, that’s the name) is located in a nondescript, tiny little strip mall on Highway 436 between Altamonte Springs and Apopka. It’s a little hard to find, even if you’re looking for it. I challenge anyone to spot their roadside sign amidst 11 others as you drive by at 45 miles an hour (hint: it’s the fifth panel from the top). In the small plaza, you’ll find a cell phone store, a tattoo parlor, a taqueria, a liquor store, a nail salon, a hair salon, a traffic school, a jewelry shop, a pc repair shop, and the the best fish and chips in Orlando.

Step inside the shop and you are overwhelmed by the lingering scent of malt vinegar. The sweet smell is intoxicating. One sniff and your stomach readies itself for fried fish.

It’s a simple setup inside: chairs and tables line one wall and a small bar/counter serves beer and wine. Beer signs glow above the bar and decorative fishing nets hang from the ceiling.

The menu is simple; it’s focus squarely on freshly-prepared fried fish. Yes, there’s a chicken breast and a burger thrown in, but everyone comes for the fish. The fish and chips selection includes haddock, cod, whiting, catfish and black grouper.

On my most recent visit, I chose the cod fish (market price/$10.45). The cod was dipped in a beer batter and served deep fried. The piece was large, crisp, not greasy at all, moist, and flakey inside. A piece of fried fish just doesn’t get much better than this. The steak cut fries (chips) were fried just as golden. The cole slaw was not overly sweet and not overly runny. It was, in fact, just about perfect.

That being said about the fish and chips, the real reason I keep coming back to the restaurant again and again is for the fried oysters ($7.95). They are heavenly. The very large oysters are battered fresh, and served piping hot. The breading is crunchy, and the succulent oysters inside explode with a salty-sweet bang when you bite into them. I’ve truly never tasted oysters this good.

Service is friendly, yet unobtrusive. A husband-and-wife team run the place, and they clearly understand how proper fish and chips should be served. Start with the freshest seafood you can find, dip it into a nicely-seasoned batter, fry to golden, and serve it hot and with a smile. They’ve nailed it at Fish and Chips.

For the best fish and chips in Orlando (and incredible oysters), do yourself a favor and visit Fish and Chips Restaurant soon.

4 ½ Beer-Battered Goodness out of 5

1146 West SR 436
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

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Orlando personal injury lawyer said...

How come I haven't heard of this yet? It sounds delicious, I'm a sucker for fish n chips, always.

Eating Orlando said...

OPIL, It's one of Central Florida's hidden gems.

Anonymous said...

I ate there with a few friends 2 years ago. The food & service were very good. The Orlando Sentinel food critic Scott Joseph gave the restaurant a good review.
Im honestly surprised it's still open in these tough economic times.
I want to try those big fried oysters. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Food looks pretty bland and dry -- perhaps your camera.

Jimmyhulas said...

its great place to have a delicious food..Whenever i got time from my restaurant then i used to visit this place...but most of time i am bust in my restaurant jimmy-hulas.

Jimmyhulas said...

there must be some freshness in your food...that is missing..

Unknown said...

I don't see fillets, only small pieces. I dont see cole slaw or hush puppies. There use to be a restaurant here on 192 in st. Cloud, called One Eyed Grouper, they had the best fish and chips I gafe ever eaten with a delicious cole slaw and some great hush puppies. They moved, and suddenly closed. I wish I knew where they are now.

Anonymous said...

This add is so OLD they dont even answer the phone are they still in buss. 2009 ?????????

Eating Orlando said...

They've moved to Apopka / Hunt Club area. Much nicer digs!

Holly said...

Yes, they are now in a slightly larger place in the Hunt Club shopping center--almost next door to where I do my grocery shopping. I often stop in around lunch time to get a bowl of whatever the soup-of-the day is. A bowl of soup is only about $4.95. My favorite is the crab bisque. Sometimes I find myself buying more than soup, because I know the food will be excellent.

You ought to check them out again.