Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boston's Fish House Serves Best Fish and Chips in Orlando, According to Readers

Boston’s Fish House, on Aloma Avenue in Winter Park, took top honors in Eating Orlando’s May poll of the Fish and Chips in the Orlando area. Readers chose the New England style seafood restaurant as their favorite by a significant margin, besting second place finisher, Fiddler’s Green, by 13 points. Raglan Road Irish Pub, with 18%of the vote was third. Grouper and More and Fish and Chips Restaurant finished fourth and fifth respectively. Cityfish was last, with only 7% of voters choosing the upscale eatery in downtown Orlando.

Nominees for the poll were gathered from suggestions sent in by Eating Orlando followers on Twitter. The results:

Boston’s Fish House, Winter Park 33%
Fiddler’s Green, Winter Park 20%
Raglan Road Irish Pub, Disney 18%
Grouper and More, Baldwin Park 13%
Fish and Chips, Altamonte Springs 9%
Cityfish, Orlando 7%

Congratulations to Boston’s Fish House, and, as promised, my review in the next post. However, this time at least, I disagree with the readers. Boston's is a great fried seafood pick, but the absolute best fish and chips in Orlando is at, well, let's just allow Boston's to bask in the glory of their victory for a little bit longer. My pick soon...

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Anonymous said...

Maggie O'Mally's was not in the running. New owner has created the best fish & chips ever.


haven't tried their fish and chips but they do have pretty good seafood

let us know how it goes!!

OrangeCane said...

I don't mind the weird ordering-first setup (keeps me from ordering dessert, true) because I remember what it was like at the "old" Boston's location further down Aloma 20 years ago... In that little shack that was 1/4 the size of the present place but same amount of people.