Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jeremiah's Italian Ice Named Best Ice Cream in Orlando

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, with three locations in Central Florida, serves the best ice cream in Orlando, according to an Eating Orlando poll of readers. Readers chose the Italian ice hot spot as their favorite ice cream or frozen dessert in the area by a landslide, besting second place finisher, Beaches and Cream, by a whopping 28 points. Cefiore and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain were tied for third with 11% of the vote a piece. Twistee Treat finished fourth, and Muse Gelato finished fifth. Nominees for the poll were gathered from suggestions sent in by Eating Orlando followers on Twitter.

The results:

First: Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, three area locations 47%

Second: Beaches and Cream, Downtown Disney 19%

Third (tie): Cefiore, College Park 11%

Third (tie): Ghirardelli Soda Fountain, Downtown Disney 11%

Fourth: Twistee Treat, Clermont 7%

Fifth: Muse Gelato, Festival Bay 5%

Congratulations to Jeremiah’s. They serve some great frozen desserts. I reviewed the UCF location a short time ago. Read review here.

Jeremiah's Italian Ice on Urbanspoon

Jeremiah's Italian Ice (UCF) on Urbanspoon

Jeremiah's Italian Ice (Winter Park) on Urbanspoon

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Anonymous said...

Read your original review and wanted to add that the best combination BY FAR, in my opinon, is the chocolate soft serve and p-nutty (peanutbetter). Like a frozen Reese's Cup :)

Evanzan said...

Don't neglect the combination of chocolate soft serve and coconut italian ice either. It's like a awesome, frozen mounds bar.

Anonymous said...

Root beer and vanilla soft serve = root beer float!

Orlando Hotels said...

Jeremiah’s has the best Ice-cream in Orlando and even Florida, with out a doubt. I wish it wasn't so hot back days so i could got back some ice-cream to my kids in a few boxes :)