Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heavenly Treat: Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Stopped by Jeremiah’s Italian Ice near UCF recently for dessert. Jeremiah’s is one of the most talked about “Ice Cream” restaurants in the area, and consistently ranks near the top of many review sites and reader polls for best dessert - and even best overall restaurant. I’m glad I stopped by. The desserts are heavenly.

I sampled a large Gelati ($3.75). It was a layered mix of “cookies and cream” Italian Ice and soft-serve vanilla ice cream. It was velvety smooth and rich, with a deep sweetness that didn’t overpower. It was like a lighter, smoother, Hagen Das-quality ice cream, without the buttery after taste. It was a real treat and a very large-sized portion for the price. Really more than a normal person could handle. I handled it.

There are too many flavors of Italian Ice, ice cream and gelati combinations to list. They have just about any flavor you can think of within reason. And a note to those watching their sugar intake: Several sugar-free flavors were available. That's nice to see.

My server was young, and pretty, and very nice. She suggested the gelati combination as I gave her a blank stare when asked what I would like. Thank you. Nice call.

Jeremiah’s is located in a strip center directly across Alafaya Trail from the UCF campus. It’s not a well-lighted place and it’s a little run down. College students were arriving and leaving by the car load and they seemed nonchalant about security. But do be careful if you go at night.

There are two other locations in town. One in Maitland, and one in Winter Park. I drive by the location in Maitland at the corner of 17-92 and Horatio all the time. There is always a long line of customers standing very close to the road as the traffic screams by on 17-92. I’ve wondered why so many people stand in line just inches from certain death. Now I know. What a heavenly way to go.

Overall: 4 Frozen Tongues out of 5

Jeremiah's Italian Ice
12271 University Blvd
Orlando, FL 32817

(407) 277-7769

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Bobby said...

Definitely a place to visit when looking to cool down.

Anonymous said...

This place is horrible!