Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Barbecue in Orlando Poll

The best Barbecue in Orlando. The best Bar-B-Q in Orlando. The best Bar-B-Que in Orlando. The best BBQ in Orlando. The best Barbeque in Orlando. However you spell it, we're looking for the best, and only the best this month.

Almost any local barbecue joint worth its smoke will serve a typical North Carolina pulled pork with a ketchup based sweet sauce. You'll find Texas-style beef brisket at Cecil's. Everybody's got ribs - mostly sauced, but you'll find a dry rub here and there. A few places are even known to serve a vinegar-based sauce. And one or two, in a non-traditional move for the area, will serve your slaw right on the sandwich for you. But however, and whatever they serve, it should be the best.

This month's Eating Orlando Poll asks readers to name the best barbecue in Orlando and the Central Florida area.

The nominees from reader's suggestions on Twitter:

Blackwater Bar-B-Q: Two Orlando Locations

Keller's Real Smoked Bar-B-Q: Lake Mary, Altamonte, Winter Park

O'Boys Bar-B-Q: Orlando, Winter Park

Bubbalou's Bodacious Bar-B-Que: Six Area Locations

Dickey's Barbecue Pit: Oviedo

Wildside BBQ Bar and Grill: Thorton Park

Jack Benny's Barbeque: Minneola

Porkie's Original BBQ: Apopka

Cecil's Texas Style Bar-B-Q: Orlando

See the sidebar to vote, and don't forget to leave details of why you voted the way you did in the comment section below. If there was a glaring omission, please let me know about it. The winner will be featured on the blog next month. Poll closes September 30, 2009. Oh, and I'll let you know my pick for best barbeque too.

Here's my review of Blackwater Bar-B-Q.

Rockin' Ribz in Sanford didn't make the poll, but you may be interested in the review from a couple of months ago.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot Harry and Larry's on Plant Street in Winter Garden. Great food, very simple menu and really friendly service.

Anonymous said...

Woody's BBQ in Oviedo is insanely declicious. The ribs are hearty, packed with savory flavor, all while maintaining the ever coveted fall-off-the-bone tenderness. The pulled pork sandwich, "The Sloppy Woody", is also out of this world. I've lived in central florida for 25 years, and this place is hands down the best.

Anonymous said...

Any votes for Woody's or Bubbalou's are proof that the people of East Orlando/Oviedo have no idea what is good...hell, why not vote for Sonny's if that's what you think BBQ is. Keller's and O'Boys are barely passable. The real contest should be between Blackwater, Cecil's, and Porkie's.

Anonymous said...

I vote Porky's!

Hey James...

You never told us about your new sandwich craving that you mentioned in best sandwich articvle where you disagreed with Beefy King!

Still holding out on us...

Eating Orlando said...

Speaking of sandwiches, I do have my favorite sandwich and will be posting the review this week.

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite is Curly Tails, in Bartow. (I don't know if that qualifies as "Orlando", though.)

PS: Q, or "cue". Never "que".

Anonymous said...

I promised my girl that I would be taking her to the best sandwich in Orladno this weekend....

Don't let me down

Where's that review???

Best Barbecue in Orlando said...

Of course this poll was created before 4Rivers pretty much took over the Central Florida BBQ market. It is amazing how quickly they have become the best BBQ restaurant in Orlando.