Monday, April 20, 2009

Florida Waffle Shop: Save Some Money and Head for Waffle House Instead

Location, location, location. A lot of people will tell you that’s all there is to great businesses, restaurants included. Florida Waffle Shop certainly has a prime location. You can’t miss it if you’re driving to the Mall at Millennia - it fronts Conroy Road in the upscale shopping center right in front of the mall. Could that be all there is to it?

When I visited Florida Waffle Shop on a Saturday morning, hoards of people were patiently waiting to eat breakfast - some inside, and some outside. In a courtyard, a large group of Adirondack chairs circled a potted palm to hold those waiting. Have you ever walked into a Waffle House and been handed a pager?

Seeing all the people waiting to get in really got my hopes up for some incredible waffles. I know there are not a lot of breakfast choices in the area, and no upscale breakfast options at all, but come on, could all those people really be there just because of the restaurant's location?

Yep. It is all about location, location, location.

The waffles at Florida Waffle Shop were artfully presented on large, square platters with orange slices on the side. My Chocolate Chip Waffle ($7.49) was smaller than I expected, much smaller. I expected a delicious, light and fluffy waffle. My waffle was so tough I could not cut off a piece with the provided knife. A steak knife would have worked, but the tough skin on my waffle was no match for an ordinary butter knife. The description of my waffle on the menu reads, “…chocolate chips in the batter.” The few chocolate chips “in” my waffle were actually sprinkled on top. For all I know, they served me a toasted Eggo waffle. I wouldn’t have known the difference.

My guest ordered the Banana Split Waffle ($9.79) and received the same puny waffle, but with generous portions of banana, pineapple, glazed strawberries, chocolate syrup, pecans and whipped cream on top. He enjoyed it at first, but half-way through called it “the most expensive banana split in the world, on top of a plain waffle.”

The sausage links ($3.49) we ordered on the side were good, but were the same links you could get anywhere. The coffee was above average, but nothing special.

Our server was friendly and quick to take our order, bring our food, and clear our table when we finished. We couldn’t have asked for anything more in a breakfast server.

The décor was nice, with much of the furnishings obvious holdovers from the previous tenant, Mama Fu’s. It was nice, for a change, to enjoy breakfast in a contemporary, stylish and comfortable environment. Why must every other restaurant that serves breakfast model their dining rooms after country farmhouses? I hate country farmhouses.

The Florida Waffle Shop is assuredly in a great location. I like the idea of Florida Waffle Shop. I like the food at Waffle House more. Florida Waffle Shop is expensive. Waffle House, cheap. Florida Waffle Shop is near the Mall at Millennia. Waffle House, the Magic Mall.

2 Great Locations out of 5

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Anonymous said...

I went there once and breakfast came out extremely expensive for food that wasn't extraordinary in any way. I'd head to FirstWatch, Christo's or Breakfast Club in downtown Orlando instead.

House of Thuan said...

I've heard a lot of good things about this place, so this is disappointing to read. It seems Fla. Waffle Shop has everything going right except the one most important thing... great tasting waffles. Don't know if I'm willing to pay $10 to gamble on waffles.

J.G. said...

Roger's Diner in Audubon Park is awesome for breakfast. A classic old-time diner and the owner does the cooking.

Eating Orlando said...

I love eating breakfast I just hate getting up early for it. Love places that serve breakfast all day long!

jones said...

I know waffle is in the name but you have to try the pancakes, they are great...

Anonymous said...

I have never been disappointed with a meal at the Waffle Shop. Their pancakes and omelettes are out of this world!

Anonymous said...

it was disappointing. long wait, marginal food and poor apathetic service. pancake, french toast were below average, sausage wasn't fresh and the eggs were just eggs. this place is nothing special. waffle house anywhere is better at like half the price and half the time. I cannot recommend kekes at milennia mall. I hope for their sake the managers read these posts and make some changes but they didn't seem to care either. the plates were nice but I didn't go there for the plates. marginal and barely mediocre.

Anonymous said...