I love Orlando. I love restaurants. I love writing. I love writing about Orlando restaurants.

How Eating Orlando Got Started

I grew up in the Orlando area. I've lived and eaten here all my life (well, not counting my college years at the University of Florida in Gainesville). In my time, I've eaten at a lot of Orlando restaurants, and have always been willing to offer a restaurant suggestion to anyone who'd ask. And those who didn't too.

In 2009, I decided to start a blog about my eating adventures in Central Florida. Eating Orlando was born.

My Mission

From the start my mission has been to eat at every restaurant in Central Florida at least once. That's no easy task. Restaurants tend to come and go, especially in this economy. I've seen Orlando restaurants open one day and close the next. I've seen Orlando restaurants go on to become national chains and I've seen restaurants go belly up. The Central Florida restaurant scene is fascinating.

Photo © Rick Kilby
Now I don't plan to eat at every single McDonald's unit in the area, or every Olive Garden, or every Starbucks, but I do plan to eat at every independent restaurant and at least one unit of every corporate chain. Why not? It gets me out of the house, and I save a fortune at the grocery store!

It's Just My Opinion

I'm no gastronomic connoisseur. I admit it. My everyday tastes run to barbecue ribs and bacon cheeseburgers. But I do enjoy, occasionally, indulging at the finer dining establishments in Orlando. No matter where, or what I eat, I'll have an opinion--and I'm never afraid to share it. So before you go criticizing my critiques, please remember, it's just my opinion.

Thank You

Since 2009, and the birth of Eating Orlando, I've eaten and written about a lot of restaurants. Thanks to all the support from loyal readers like you, I'll keep eating, and I'll keep writing. The adventure continues...