Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Maddey's Craft & Cru promises to bring a taste of the Big Apple to Orlando

Maddey's Craft & Cru is scheduled to open in Downtown Orlando on June 30th. I know I'm excited to try. Here are a few details from a press release:

Maddey's Craft & Cru poses a singularity in this city's dining scene. It's where past, present, and future collide resulting in a restaurant quite unlike any other in Orlando. Chef Jason Schofield fuses his penchant for comfort classics with postmodern techniques and a cosmopolitan sensibility to bring such unique dishes as short ribs with glazed onion, lengua lardoons, and truffled purple yam mousse, and Waygu Beef NY Strip, sous vided then dipped in liquid Nitrogen, then deep fried in beef shortening. Only to be topped with sal de flur, bone marrow butter, and finished with shoestring fries that have been fried in duck fat to the fore of this city's burgeoning food scene. Bon vivants and gastronomes will undoubtedly be wowed by his ability to stick to traditional ingredients and nostalgic flavors while creatively injecting contemporary flair and worldly twists in his from-scratch executions. A bite of his artisanal pizzas here will prove convincing. With a carefully curated beverage program heavy on craft beers and vintage cocktails, Maddey
s affirms to Orlandoans that throwback comfort food and drink isnt a stale relic of the past, but very much part of the culinary history we make today. Original cocktails including but most certainly not limited to- Smoke on the Water (Ron Zacapa Rum, Snap Ginger Liquor, Fernet Branca, black walnut bitters, smoked hickory garnish), The Red Light (Bol Genever, Cocchi Torrino, espresso infused Campari), Golden days (Ochco Blanco tequila, Giffard Creme de banana, Giffard Apricot, lemon juice, coconut milk), these are only the beginning.

Maddeys brings the taste of the Burroughs to the City Beautiful making their home on Church Street, in downtown Orlando. Travel through the Burroughs with a special monthly changing menu that represents the rich cultural diversity that makes the NYC food scene what it is. There is also an unchanging Maddeys Craft & Cru menu. Maddeys Craft & Cru doesnt cut any corners when it comes to quality and authenticity of flavors. All flour is milled on sight for pizzas, pastas, breads and desserts. All mozzarella, ricotta, and ricotta solatta is made in house from raw milk, no pulling curds. Maddeys is keeping the modern flare with their pizza oven that can cook a pizza in a mere 180 seconds. We can hear your stomachs growling already.

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