Sunday, April 26, 2015

McDonald's tests touchscreen ordering and a new "Create your Taste" menu at location near UCF

If you've ever ordered a Big Mac with no onions at McDonald's and gotten a Big Mac with extra onions, no pickles and extra "Special Sauce," you'll appreciate the new ordering system testing at a location near UCF in Orlando.

This is a test. This is only a test.

One of only two locations testing the system in Florida, McDonald's wants to not only get your order right, but also attract tech-savvy students with the ordering system, free wi-fi and web-connected tablets spread around the dining room.

How does it work?

Step right up to one of three large touchscreens standing tall near the regular ordering counter and you're presented beautiful screens full of colorful food photography -- similar to the touchscreen ordering system at Wawa, but way bigger and more colorful.

You can select anything you'd like from the regular menu, but I'd suggest you try something off the "Create your Taste" menu. I created my own Quarter Pounder with grilled onions, mushrooms and bacon on an artisan roll with American cheese. There's all kinds of other toppings available and you can also choose a chiabatta roll, lettuce as your "bun" and sharp white cheddar or pepper jack cheese. It's fun to create your own taste.

Relax, your food is on the way.

Anyway, make your selections, pay with a credit card, take a pager, sit down and wait for your food to arrive on a nice little tray, drink and everything. The fries even came in a miniature fry basket. I kinda missed the iconic red and yellow-striped paper fry container.

If this ordering system comes to a McDonald's nearer me, I'll be very happy. The test system made eating at McDonald's a unique experience, one I'd be happy to experience again.

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