Friday, August 9, 2013

Coffee in a jiffy from Barnie's Coffee Kitchen: Pronto! review

Coffee courtesy Barnie's. Manatee Mug, Goodwill.
On your list of local, Orlando-based companies you should be supporting, make sure to add Barnie's Coffee Kitchen. Barnie's is the coffee I grew up on, and their new "Coffee Kitchen" concept is very cool. My friends at Barnie's recently sent me some awesome Kenyan and Nicaraguan beans to sample, along with their new "Pronto! Personal Brew Coffee."

I'm not a fan of instant coffee crystals, but I am a fan of coffee that's quick and easy to make. Pronto! is a single serve, cold brewed concentrated liquid that dissolves easily in hot or cold water. You can't say that about old fashioned instant coffee. Pronto! is brewed from 100% Arabica beans and there's no sugar or preservatives in it. Just add one brewstick to 10 oz. of hot or cold water, stir and enjoy.

I sampled the French Roast, but Pronto! is also available in Southern Pecan, Crème Brule, Cool Café Blues and, of course, Santa's White Christmas, among others.

If you're looking for a fast alternative to brewing coffee that doesn't involve crystals, and you don't have one of those Keurig K-Cup machines, check out Pronto! And put Barnie's on your list when you're in a coffee house mood.

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