Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Watch: Reader's First Choice for Best Breakfast in Orlando

The best breakfast in Orlando? According to the recent reader’s poll, it’s First Watch. With six area locations, there’s usually a First Watch nearby to satisfy that biscuits and gravy urge.
Although First Watch garnered the most votes, it was, by no means, a runaway win for the chain. First Watch received 26% percent of the vote with KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe, White Wolf Café and Peach Valley Café each tying for second with 16% of the vote.  Third was Briar Patch with 8%, fourth was Christo’s Café with 7%, fifth was Breakfast Club of Orlando with 5%, and finally, Nick’s Family Diner with 3% for sixth place. 
I enjoy First Watch – usually for brunch. But if I’m getting up early, there’s only one place on my mind: Peach Valley Café.  I just can’t get enough of their pancakes.
There are a lot of great places to eat breakfast in the Orlando area. Get up early and get you some!


Anonymous said...

Your blog lost all credibility with this one. A chain restaurant beats out local flavors.

Eating Orlando said...

The readers and I both chose chain restaurants in this poll because we were looking for the best breakfast in Orlando - not the best "locally-owned" breakfast in Orlando.

By the way, Peach Valley Cafe is a "locally-owned" chain.