Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brianto's Original Hoagies: The Best Cheese Steak Sandwich in Orlando

Not long ago, readers picked Beefy King’s sandwiches as the best in Orlando. Now there’s nothing wrong with that choice. I love Beefy King too. But my pick for the absolute best sandwich in the Orlando area is the cheese steak at Brianto’s Original Hoagies in Avalon Park. It’s the best. Period.

So what is it about the cheese steak ($7.99 medium 12”roll) at Brianto’s that makes me drive all the way out to Avalon Park again and again? Well, quite simply, it’s the only place I’ve found that serves a cheese steak as good as any you’ll find in Philadelphia. Think Geno’s Steaks. Think Pat’s King of Steaks.

And there’s just not another sandwich that is quite as satisfying as a cheese steak. It’s so decadent. So unhealthy. So wrong. But so good.

To make one right, you must start with the perfect roll, and Brianto’s “imports” the perfect roll from Amoroso Baking all the way from Philadelphia. The roll has ever-so-tough “mouth pull” that many fluffy, white rolls served in the area lack. In that roll, stuff ounces and ounces of tender, grilled, sliced beef and savory onions. And the pièce de résistance: a hearty slathering of gooey, orange Cheez Whiz. Yes, Cheez Whiz. Finally, a sandwich shop in the area serves a cheese steak with traditional Cheez Whiz! Add it all up, and you’ve got a cheese steak unequalled anywhere south of Philadelphia.

Messy? Yes. Unhealthy? Yes. Delicious? Oh yes!

Brianto’s is located in “downtown” Avalon Park. Set facing an attractive lake, there’s seating outside and a Philadelphia-themed interior in which to enjoy your hoagie. Liberty Bells here, Rocky there. You get the picture. The Philly theme is a little over the top - but so is the sandwich. What else would you theme a cheese steak shop, anyway? If you’re a Phillies fan, welcome home.

The Philly theme even spills unto the sides and drinks: Try your hoagie with Philadelphia’s own Herr’s Chips, and wash it all down with genuine Hank’s Gourmet Soda from Philadelphia. I chose potato chips with Old Bay seasoning ($1.59 large) and birch beer ($1.99 bottle). For dessert? A Tasty Kake ($1.29), of course! Perfectly Philadelphia.

Avalon Park is a long way to drive from most of Orlando for a sandwich, but Philadelphia is much further. Save yourself a trip to Philly and enjoy a cheese steak at Brianto’s Original Hoagies. It’s the best sandwich in Orlando.

5 Fab Phillies out of 5

Brianto’s Original Hoagies
12001 Avalon Lake Drive
Orlando, FL 32828

Brianto's Original Hoagies on Urbanspoon

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Colleen said...



yes briantos is the bomb!

Tom said...

I think my cholesterol level went up, just looking at the picture of that sandwich! Any idea how many calories that thing packs?

Greg said...

No more calories than pizza...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a must try! But if you want to stay in town try a Beefy with melted cheese and onions....omg...delicious!!!!

Fonzie said...

I've been here 3 times since I read this article and I must say these cheesesteaks are the best I've ever had. I even brought a friend who is originally from Philly and she said these were the best ones she had outside of Philadelphia

Edgar said...

This place is so on point. Best cheese steak I've ever had (haven't been to Philly yet). It's far for most people, but worth the drive if you want the best cheese steak in town. Luckily, I live walking distance!

Anonymous said...

Was craving a sandwich today! Went in and bought the 6 inch Philly cheese!


The sandwich fooled me...looked more like a 12 inch!


Def, will go back! No?'s asked!