Monday, August 10, 2009

Burger King Test Markets "Fire Grilled" Ribs in Orlando

If you’ve been to Burger King lately, you might have noticed a new menu item: ribs. Yes, ribs. Not a McRib, not a sandwich, but actual, on the bone, gen-u-ine, ribs.

Burger King is test marketing its “Fire Grilled Ribs” here in Orlando, and also in Las Vegas, Greensboro, and Indianapolis. The ribs may become available chain-wide next year if the test is successful.

I thought the ribs (6-pack $4.99, 8-pack $6.59) were okay. They are very small. Very small. About an inch per rib. There was, however, quite a bit of meat on each little bone. The meat was a little crispy, but tender, and had that same overpowering smoky taste that permeates BK burgers. The bones were soft. Soft like they were microwaved, or even boiled. A packet of barbecue sauce was served on the side for dipping.

Six of the little ribs were no meal, even with fries. Not even eight would make a meal for the average person. But I wouldn’t want to make a meal out of the ribs, anyway. I would consider them more of a snack. But who snacks on ribs?

3 Smoky Ribettes out of 5

Available at Burger King units across Central Florida

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Anonymous said...

I've had the rib-lets. Characterizing them as full ribs is a calling chicken nuggets chicken strips. They are delicious and very meaty. If need a quick fix for ribs this would be the place to get them. I say roll em out.

Eating Orlando said...

A couple of people have asked me if they were beef or pork ribs. They are pork.