Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Best Sandwich in Orlando Poll

Slap a few slices of ham, and maybe a slice of American cheese, between two slices of white bread smeared with mayonnaise and you've got a simple sandwich. Build the same sandwich with artisan bread, prosciutto, aged cheese, and, let's say, wasabi mustard, and you just might consider it a work of art.

So, my fellow art, er, sandwich critics, get your mouths ready: This month’s poll asks you to choose which restaurant in the Orlando area serves the best sandwich.

The nominees are based on suggestions from Eating Orlando’s followers on Twitter:

Brianto's Original Hoagies, Avalon Park

Beefy King, Orlando

Pom Pom's Teahouse & Sandwicheria, Orlando

Earl of Sandwich, Downtown Disney

Jax 5th Ave Deli & Ale House, College Park

Cubans on the Run, Casselberry

See the sidebar to vote, and don’t forget to leave details of why you voted the way you did in the comment section below. If there was a glaring omission, please let me know about it. The winner will be featured on the blog next month. Poll closes June 30, 2009.


Spickler said...

while i love both beefy king and pom pom's, i would probably kill someone for a brianto's cheesesteak.

Anonymous said...

Boo...Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe makes some killer sandwiches, too... open-face grilled bologna & cheese is unbelievably good, as is the liverwurst w/ chopped onion. Their more "normal" sandwiches are equally awesome...I think one of them is called the Alpiner, and consists of a croissant packed with meats & cheese.

Anonymous said...

Beefy King, Beefy King, Beefy King

Anonymous said...

What happened to Gabrial's?

William Beem said...

I'm a snob. I like the Biltmore chicken sandwich and the French Dip at Houston's.

Doug said...

Anthony's Primo Hoagies on Magnolia in downtown Orlando is THE best sandwich shop in Orlando. He's only open for lunch M-F, so you gotta be there between 11 and 1 or you missed it. No decor whatsoever. You order your sandwich and you leave, but if you like anything Italian, fuhgeddabowddit!

Anonymous said...

Didn't see your poll in time to vote, but I definitely would have voted for Briantos!

Anonymous said...

I would have voted for Brianto;s as well. I guess a little to late to vote.

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