Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Few Favorite Things in Orlando

I get a lot of questions. What’s your favorite restaurant? Who has the best service? Where’s the best place to take a date? Who has the best wine list? Who has the best steak? The best hot dog? The best dessert? The best sushi? The cheapest beer? Where’s the best place to go for this? Where’s the best place to go for that? What’s your favorite this? What’s your favorite that?

I love telling people about my favorites. I love explaining why. I love hearing about their favorites. But one thing I always warn about my favorites is that they can change from day to day. Restaurants change their menus. They change ownership. They move. They hire new cooks. They hire new servers. They close. My personal tastes change as I experience new things and learn more and more about food. A lot of things can change.

So, just for fun, I thought I would make a list of some of my favorites in the Orlando area right now, this moment. But, like I say, it could all change tomorrow.

Some of Eating Orlando’s Favorites:

Favorite Fried Fish:
Boston’s Fish House, Winter Park

Favorite French Fries:
5 Guys, Various

Favorite Burritos:
Tijuana Flats, Various

Favorite Livers and Gizzards:
Lee’s Famous Recipe, Sanford

Favorite Dinner Show:
None. Get Real.

Favorite Cheese Steak Sub:
Kappy’s, Maitland

Favorite Place Proud to have Never Eaten:
Houston’s, Winter Park

Favorite Oysters:
Lee and Rick’s, Orlando

Favorite Fried Chicken:
Popeye’s, Various

Favorite Place to Eat Cheap:
Ikea, Orlando

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my favorites. And I’d love to hear about some of your favorites…


Edgar Massoni said...

What's wrong with Houston's? I've never been there either but was thinking of checking it out.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the "proud to have never eaten there", either. I've been to Houston's as well. I liked it, but not enough to prefer it to other nearby restaurants.

Anonymous said...

If you think Kappy's is the best cheesesteak , you need to do yourself a favor and check out Brianto's Original Hoagies in Avalon Park. This is the best cheese steak, hoagies in Orlando. Hands down. Too bad it is in the middle of nowhere or this place would be known to all. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Popeyes spicy fried chicken used to be good. When Al Copeland owned the chain, they used lots of fresh spices. When Al blew all his money the big corporation took over and reduced the amount of spices used. Popeyes fried chicken is now just OK and quite expensive for fast food.

Eating Orlando said...

I agree that the quality (to me, heat factor) has diminished at Popeyes. The biscuits have gone down hill too (the used to be made fresh, not frozen). But all that considered, I still think they rock over KFC, Churchs, and the like.

Eating Orlando

Anonymous said...

Favorite fried chicken: Maryland Fried Chicken.

I've never been to the one on 50 but the one in Apopka is perfect every time. So good I have to stop myself from going more than 3 times a week. It's not greasy or heavy, and for $5 or $6 you can have two or three giant pieces, two sides (potatoes and gravy and fried okra are my favorites), a roll, and a drink. Check it out. You won't be sorry.

Eating Orlando said...

I've been a fan of Maryland Fried Chicken since I was a boy but I think the location that was recently opened and closed in Casselberry did everythiung they could to ruin my fond memories.

Eating Orlando

Minor-Gross said...

By far the best cheesesteak place is in St. Cloud. Its on 192 and the name is Philadelphia Cheese Steak.

Minor-Gross said...

Five Guys do have great fries.