Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eating Orlando Favorites Part 4: More

The Eating Orlando Favorites series continues. Here are a few more of my favorite dishes and dine spots in the Orlando area.

Favorite Greek:
Greek Corner, Orlando

Favorite Onion Rings:
3-Way Tie: Hops, Sonic, and Boston’s Fish House

Favorite Place to Drink Sake:
Fuji Sushi, Winter Park

Favorite Frozen Treat:
Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace, the little stand next to the Tiki Birds Show in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom

Favorite Place to Eat and Walk:
Winter Park Arts Festival

Favorite Cheap Hotdog:
Rocky’s Replay, Casselberry

Favorite Non-Traditional Hotdog:
Pretzel Dog, Annie Anne’s

Favorite Place to Binge and Purge:
Golden Corral

Favorite Fish and Chips:
Grouper and Chips, Baldwin Park

Favorite Pickle:
Hot Mama, 7-11

These are some of my favorites. Let me know some of your favorites…


Anonymous said...

I used to like the Greek Corner too until I tasted more authentic Greek food at the Greek Flame in Winter Park (436 and Howell Branch, old Pizza Hut building next to the drugstore).

Eating Orlando said...

Will look to check Greek Flame out next time I'm in a Greek mood. Thanks for the lookout.

Eating Orlando

Orlando_BBQ_Food said...

My favorite place to get BBQ in Central Florida is 4Rivers Hands down! They have exceptional brisket and their side-items such as the fried pickles, cheese grits, and cornbread is to die for. They now have 3 locations in the Central Florida area including: Winter Park, Winter Garden and Longwood Florida.