Sunday, April 5, 2009

10 More Eating Orlando Favorites

Here are a few more of my favorites in the Orlando area:

Favorite BBQ Sandwich:
Pulled Pork, Bubbalous Bodacious

Favorite Key Lime Pie:
JB’s Fish Camp, New Smyrna

Favorite Chicken Fingers:

Favorite Chocolate:

Favorite New York Style Delicatessen:
None. We don’t have one.

Favorite Cheap Prime Rib:
Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club, Longwood

Favorite Cocktails:
Bahama Breeze

Favorite Buffalo Wings:
Grilled Hot Teriyaki, Gator’s Dockside

Favorite Place to Dine and Dash:
Johnny Rockets, Mall at Millenia

Favorite Place You Never Want to Eat:
Orange County Jail

To be continued...


Paul said...

I find your blog terribly annoying. why so many chains? if you want to be considered a food blogger may i suggest you stop with the chains already! i know orlando doesnt have big city fare but cmon. enough with the stupid chains. did you really suggest bahama breeze for adventurous cocktails? wow you stink and i dont like you.

Eating Orlando said...

My blog is about eating at every restaurant in the Central Florida region. Chains included. What are some of your favorites then?

Bobby said...

I agree with Paul. I stumbled upon your website hoping to find unique Orlando eateries. I certainly am not interesting in reading about Quiznos, BK, and Bahama Breeze. There needs to be more effort put in into finding real Orlando food.

Eating Orlando said...

I think you're on the wrong blog. Were you looking for

Anonymous said...

Eating Orlando... you're on the right track!