Friday, March 27, 2009

BK Burger Shots Quick Look

I’m a sucker for small burgers. I eat them like candy. I love Krystal hamburgers, especially late at night. I love White Castle hamburgers whenever I’m up north and can get my hands on them. I even buy the frozen ones at the grocery store on occasion. They’re perfect nuked and enjoyed as an impromptu late night snack. I’ve enjoyed quite a few little burgers at various restaurants in the area, usually called “sliders” on the menu. I like to make tiny little burgers at home using dinner rolls. When I saw Burger King offering new BK Burger Shots ($1.39 for two), I just had to check them out. Like I said, I’m a sucker for small burgers.

What was I thinking? They tasted just like a Burger King hamburger, only smaller. Duh. Think an overpowering taste of pickle, mustard, and ketchup - with only the hint of meat flavor in the artificial smoky aftertaste. Throw in a flavorless, dry bun and that’s the BK burger in a nutshell. I have to compare the tiny burgers at BK to the ones at Krystal and White Castle. There, the burgers have a delightful onion flavor, and the steamed bun almost melts in the mouth. Yea, there’s no actual meat taste, but no artificial aftertaste either. Burger Shots just do not compare.

Tiny burgers are easy to eat on the road. They each come in a little box, and one free hand can pop them right into the mouth. Well, not at Burger King. Both the burgers of my two-pack came tightly wrapped in wax paper, and the burger patties and buns were attached to each other. It took both hands, and quite a bit of pressure, to pull them apart. Gripping the burgers resulted in smashed buns and condiment spillage. If you order a six-pack, the Burger Shots come in a clamshell box. Better packaging, but they are still a pain to pull apart. And they'll still taste the same.

Do yourself a favor and skip the BK Burger Shots. Don’t be a sucker.

2 Tiny Stars out of 5

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Foodie Writes... said...

Burgers piss me off.

Fast food, and most restaurants, have DESTROYED the burger.

The only real way to do a good burger is when they're made fresh.
Roll that ground beef into a patty.
And a big one at that.
Season, grill, and dress to taste.

Nothing comes close. Nothing.

Krista said...

I'm glad I didn't waste any money on them! And yes... they're only $1.39, but that's $1.39 I could better spend on something that isn't disgusting. Thanks for the intel!

daniel said...

i think that the absolute worst part of the burger shots is that they are attached. this item (and the corresponding breakfast shots) has single-handedly caused me to ban BK from my personal fast food list. it was just the last straw i could take with their sub-par food. i didn't expect too much, i just expected it to taste decent. now when i think of BK, bad sense memories of these come flooding back and i drive by.

Minor-Gross said...

Yuck I have not ate at BK for years. There fries are sub standard and the last time I ate there I bit into my burger and it was like it was soaked in water and grease. I threw the entire thing away and vowed to never eat there again.