Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quizno's Toasty Torpedo Quick Look

Stopped by a new Quiznos location in downtown Sanford to try one of the chain's new $4 Toasty Torpedo Subs. Long and slim, my “Beef Bacon and Cheddar” was a tasty sub. The sub was made with roast beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce and diced tomatoes, with mayonnaise and mustard on a toasted Ciabatta roll. I was surprised how filling it was being that it is so narrow. For $4, you can’t beat it. Seemed like a better value than the $5 Foot Long at Subway and tasted much better. Other $4 Torpedoes include the “Pesto Turkey,” “Italian,” “Turkey Club,” and “Big Kahuna Tuna.” I liked the way it was served in a paper sleeve. You can slide the sub out as you eat. Nice job Quiznos. I think you’ve got a winner here.

Wish I could say I was as impressed with the location as I was with the sub. I know they’ve just opened, but the staff seemed very disorganized and the dining room was in disarray. Looks like they need to keep training the staff further. I’ll try to check back with them in a few months to see if they’ve gotten their act together.

Torpedo: 4 WMDs out of 5
Location: 2 Training Sessions out of 5

129 W. 1st Street
Sanford, Florida 32771


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